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Tonic serum

Feel it.


Plump, hydrate and energize your skin.


Innovative, certified organic Tonic Serum, enriched with moisturizing ingredients like active rose bud water and lemon balm extract that in sinergy with a lifting complex improve skin’s tone and firmness.


When used as a makeup fixer, thanks to its uplifting, deelply relaxing scent that is a perfect mix of spicy, rosy and woody notes, it transforms your skincare routine in a sensorial experience.


For all skin types.

Tonic serum

100 Milliliters
  • Feel it.


    "Magnetic Charisma"

    These are the two words that came to our mind after using our certified organic nourishing, calming Tonic Serum.


    Its potent blend of ingredients will give your complexion an elastic, dewy and radiant aspect.


    Once you will feel its uplifting scent you will not leave it our of your bag again.


    Try immagining spicy, rosy and woody notes perfectly blended for creating a deeply relaxing fragrance.


    We cannot wait for you to discover and experience it. To feel it is to love it.

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