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Roots for wings

Perorganics circles around two little, big dreams.

It was idealed not only to create well-being through healthy, radiant skin but also to be an instrument for the creation and preservation of forests, supporting associations who care, respect and take action for protecting the forest habitats and the life they give.

While our first purpose can be achieved thanks to science, passionate professionals and the potent ingredients Mother Nature provided us with, we find the second one to be a forever work in progress and a not so simple thing to do.

We therefore decided to support associations who work in the same direction as ours, preserving natural forests worldwide. A drop in the sea, yet very important for us.

This year, our "Blissful Moments Set" will support Fauna and Flora International, the world’s oldest wildlife conservation organisation.

We are beyond honored to be able to support their respectable work.

For more informations, visit:

New Reishi

We love and respect the forests.

Words are meaningless if not translated into facts.


For the paper boxes of all our products we choosed FSC certified paper, 100% recycled, containing no heavy metal, acid free and elemental chlorine free, made in Italy.

For our shipping service we use only FSC certified boxes, made with 70% recycled paper, made in Italy.

To protect your beauty boxes during the shipping process, we chose 100% biodegradable and compostable envelopes made of Mater-Bi, an innovative bio-plastic made with natural materials like maize starch, that can be safely put in the organic waste after opening the package. You can find this information indicated on the "OK compost"vignette applied on it.

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